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Our founder loves to connect with communities and organizations and share her passions for responsible tourism practices, being a global citizen and the importance of authentic connection.  She is available for speaking engagements and also offers a unique and intimate workshop anchored by a StorySharing Circle.


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Signature Topics:

  • Connection in our Culture:

    This period in our American culture is a time of loneliness and isolation.  It is a time when most people spend much of their time invested in a virtual environment… whether at work, at home, or socially.  In this talk, I explore the connection between our American history and our foundation in independence and blazing new trails, the loss of community, and the current epidemic of loneliness. Together, we discuss the importance of connection both physically and spiritually and attendees walk away with a better understanding of why we tend to isolate, how we can connect, and the importance of authentic connection.

  • Being a Global Citizen:

    One of the most impactful things we can do to create global change is to be conscious of ourselves as global citizens. As individuals, the ability to create change is daunting, but when we look at how our individual choices support a global community, then we have the tools to create larger impact.  This talk will focus specifically on being a conscious consumer and being a responsible traveler. How we spend our dollar is how we vote for change. After this discussion you will have a better understanding of the power of your purchase and ways you can implement changes in your life that will ripple out and create change globally.


Join or host a local StorySharing Circle workshop for authentic connection, transformational healing and growth.

A StorySharing Circle offers the opportunity for us to connect on a deeper level. We engage through the process of sharing a personal story, or an anchor you want to release into the universe. This unique workshop creates a safe space for vulnerability. This setting allows for your story to be anonymously exchanged within the circle...then another member of the circle will share on your behalf.  Every story is shared and heard in a sacred space; we connect and grow together.


At Lotus Sojourns, we know that we are better together!  We love to collaborate with other businesses who are aligned with our values and business who can act as a catalyst for mutual growth.  

We are looking to build relationships with businesses who offer conscious products that are valuable to our travelers and have fair trade, responsible or sustainable product development missions.

As we build out our programs we would love to connect with community based tourism groups, artisan collectives, women’s education and empowerment programs, small local hotels and lodges, local operators who are passionate about sustainable tourism and using tourism as a tool for economic growth in their communities.  We are planning travel in Bali, Bolivia, Guatemala, India, Jordan, Mexico & Peru and are excited to connect with organizations in these areas!

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