What will I take away from a trip?

Women end a sojourn with a greater sense of purpose and belonging; a connectedness to a global sisterhood.  This journey continues in our online community, at local workshops and during StorySharing Circles.

What types of women travel with Lotus Sojourns?/How do I know exploring with Lotus Sojourns is right for me?

Women who are seeking the opportunity to reconnect to their purpose, connect with other women, be inspired, push themselves out of their comfort zone and experience personal growth as well as have fun exploring the world and being immersed in local culture.

Our application process will help you to determine if you are ready to embark upon a transformational journey with us.  However, if you are ready to be bold, ready for change, ready for growth, excited about new adventures, adaptable to a variety of experiences and flexible in accommodating the kinds of things that adventure travel likes to throw at us, then you are definitely ready for a Lotus Sojourn!

Why do you offer women-only journeys?

We believe in the powerful magic created when women gather together with the intention to be open to possibility and transformation. Women tend to be more comfortable vulnerably connecting with other women. And to be honest, at Lotus Sojourns, we find we miss those amazing slumber parties of our youth!  A place where we get to come together for an extended period of time to laugh and cry, and embrace the world the way only a community of women can.

Why do I have to apply to travel with Lotus Sojourns?

Traveling with Lotus Sojourns will provide the opportunity for powerful transformational experiences.  It will require that you are open to possibility, that you are open to new experiences and are open to being vulnerable and connecting with other amazing women just like yourself.  Because of the nature of this experience, in order for everyone to have the most incredible journey we can, we want to make sure that you are ready to invest in yourself and will be invested in our community.

What ages are the women who travel with Lotus Sojourns?

Most of the women who travel with Lotus Sojourns are between their mid-thirties and mid-fifties, but women of all ages are welcome to join us!  Our Mother-Daughter sojourns are open to children ages 5 and up...but you know your child best and understand if they will be well-suited to the type of travel they will be experiencing...new foods, languages, sleeping accommodations, etc...we want them to learn and grow, but also want it to be a positive experience for them and the other members of our sojourn.

Are your trips open to all women?

Yes, and no.  Lotus Sojourns strives to be an inclusive and safe community for all women, and in that regard we want to exclude no woman from our journeys.  However, we do want to make sure that the women who join our adventures are up for both the mental and physical journey they are about the embark upon.  During the application process you will gain a better understanding of the physical requirements of the trip as well as our desires for you to be mentally prepared by being open to engaging fully with the other travelers on your journey and participating in our community-building and transformational activities in a way that feels comfortable to you and adds value to the entire group.

Do I have to be in shape to enjoy my adventure with Lotus Sojourns?

During each trip with Lotus Sojourns there will be activities that are physical in nature and these activities are outlined in detail in each itinerary.  Every trip will contain different elements of physical activity ranging from gentle yoga to vigorous hikes, paddles or other woman-powered modes of transportation.   Walking and hiking will be a part of all of our excursions, so in the months leading up to your departure, we would recommend you are conditioning yourself to be able to fully participate in these activities.  We will always be as clear as we can in detailing these activities, but you know yourself best; AND, with this type of exploration we may come across unique opportunities to try something not originally in our plan and want to create space for those opportunities as well.

Do I need travel insurance?

We HIGHLY recommend travel insurance! If you secure travel insurance, please submit proof of travel insurance to us prior to joining our journey. Travel insurance will help to insure you are covered if you experience more common travel-related risks like lost luggage or unexpected cancellation...however, it is very important should you require it for unexpected medical conditions or even evacuation from an international destination.  Please note that cancellation penalties come into effect after paying your non-refundable deposit; also note insurance companies may differ in what they consider an insurable risk.

We have partnered with World Nomads. We chose to partner with World Nomads because they believe, “Travel has the power to not only be a transformative experience for you, but also for the communities and destinations that you visit. By making sustainable choices, seeking meaningful experiences and minimizing your travel footprint, you can be part of this global force for good.” We love supporting other businesses committed to giving back to the destinations explored by our travelers!

Can I go by myself...do you offer a single supplement?

YES! You can go by yourself, and we highly encourage it!  Many of our travelers are solo travelers who are looking to connect with a new community of like-minded women.  We do not charge a single-supplement...we don’t want to penalize you for your adventurous spirit! That said, we are often staying in small, local accommodations and it is not always possible to provide a single room, a part of the magic of this experience is authentic and vulnerable connection with fellow travelers, and the “roomie” experience complements this process.  If we do have the option for single occupancy rooms, it will be noted in the itinerary as well as any additional fees for a single occupancy room.

What is included in the price...does pricing include airfare?

Typically the price of the trip includes lodging, meals, guides, excursions and in-country airfare for short flights made during the course of the Sojourn. Each individual itinerary notes what is included for that particular departure.  

Can I make a reservation to hold a space for a few days while I decide?

Once booked, a trip-specific deposit will be required by the end of the next business day to confirm your space.  This gives you window of time to research airfare and any additional details related to your trip before making your deposit.

How can I make a payment?

After filling out our traveler inquiry form and determining which sojourn is right for you, you can submit payment via credit card over the phone directly with our office or you can submit payment as invoiced.  Once booked, a trip-specific deposit will be required by the end of the next business day to confirm your space.

What is the payment schedule?

Deposit is due 24 Hours Following Booking Confirmation and is 20% of the full price, plus any upgrades.
Second Payment is due 120 Days 
Prior to Departure and is 40% of the full price, plus any extension costs.
Final Balance is due 90 Days 
Prior to Departure and is the remaining 40% of full price, less any discounts.

Note: If you are booking between 120 and 90 days prior to the trip, 60% of the full price plus any upgrades or extension is due at the time of booking. If you book less than 90 days prior the full payment is due at the time of booking.

What happens if I have to cancel?  Do you offer refunds?

All notifications of cancellation need to be received in writing.  Full payment for each trip is due 90 days prior to the scheduled departure date.  The registration deposit is non-refundable. For cancellations received 61-90 days prior to the trop departure date: 50% of the total trip cost is non-refundable.  For cancellations received 1-60 days prior to the trip departure date: 100% of the total trip cost is non-refundable. Please note, this is why we highly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance to cover any emergency situation that may arise.  We will send you travel insurance information when you book your trip, or you can see “Do I need travel insurance?” information on this FAQs page.

Where will we stay when we are traveling?

Lotus Sojourns is committed to connecting with the people and places we visit. One of the ways we do this is by selecting lodging that allows you to be fully immersed in the region.  Whenever possible we stay at locally run hotels & lodges; we love to support eco-hotels, enjoy yurts, and chalets and may occasionally spend a night or two in a tent. We promise you, this will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply with the destination and yourself and will enhance the transformative value of this journey.

How do your tours practice responsible or sustainable tourism?

Lotus Sojourns is committed to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.  We have designed our trips to create as little impact as possible and to be a vehicle for positive action through education of our travelers, as well as by supporting local businesses and giving back to local communities in which we travel.  We are also a member of the organization Travelers Against Plastic, which is a very valuable resource for understanding your plastic-free options and the impact created by reducing and eliminating plastics while traveling.